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The Durian Bukit is one of the varieties that have grown more abundantly in the forests of our Orang Asli villages. Other than its’ dependable flavour profile of being creamy, sweet and occasionally slightly bitter that is always a crowd-pleaser, there is also a special story told to us by the Orang Asli communities on how its abundance came to be…

Besides being cultivated from the start by the Orang Asli ancestors hundreds of years ago, more of the trees came about during the communist insurgency that happened in Malaysia in the late 1900s as the communists would eat the durians from the forest that were maintained by the Orang Asli as they walked through it and threw the seeds on the ground after they were done – which was how more of the trees were cultivated. This is also why some Orang Asli villagers have occasionally even referred to these durians as “Durian Communist”!

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